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How To Recover from a Car Accident

If you are injured and are unaware of your rights, an attorneys can advise you of them. The sooner you seek legal advice, the quicker your attorney can secure witness statements before the witnesses’ memory fades. Your attorney can advise you how to respond to the insurance company’s investigators and adjusters. More importantly, your attorney can help you recover compensation for your personal injuries and car damage.

Once you make the decision to contact a lawyer, his or her staff will give you an overview of the whole automobile accident process and the approximate time frame. Get the facts about recovering from a car accident.

– Auto Accidents Coverage
Automobile insurance is very expensive; therefore, people take the minimum limits, or simply do not buy, certain coverages in order to save money in the short term. However, when the insured is injured and is out of work, the whole family realizes that he or she should have purchased those coverages. People find out later that the coverages are relatively inexpensive.

– Hit & Run
Hit and Run is defined as when a car is struck by another car that leaves the scene of the accident and is unknown. That is why the injured party has a duty to notify the police and their insurance company within 24 hours.

– Unregistered/Uninsured Vehicle
If the car that struck the injured person’s car is not insured, the injured party has an uninsured claim through their own automobile insurance policy.

– Personal Injury
We handle all kinds of accidents and injury cases where injuries are caused by the negligence of others or by defective products or machinery, in and out of the workplace.

– Property Damage
Our firm has extensive experience in the handling of personal injury and property damage claims. Our firm’s experienced attorneys are capable of handling complex cases.