Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrian Safety Tips

The roads are always busy. Drivers commute to work every day, sometimes operating their vehicles at speeds beyond the legal limit. Other people work in the transportation business and find it hard to concentrate on road hazards due to such a heavy workload. Pedestrians therefore must be more cautious now than they have been before.Come watch and join us at stay safe by following local pedestrian laws.

Of course, pedestrian safety is not only up to pedestrians alone. Drivers must also know how to keep a watchful eye out for pedestrians that may choose to cross the road at any sudden moment. Pedestrians who have been hit by vehicles while legally crossing the street or sidewalk may be eligible for compensation under the law. These individuals should seek legal counsel immediately for any damages rendered as a result of the accident.

Just like drivers, pedestrians must follow the laws of the road. Pedestrians must use sidewalks and should keep a distance from the road unless crossing the street. If they must cross the street they must use pedestrian crosswalks and be sure that there are no nearby threats of vehicles.

Tips for Pedestrians
-Look before crossing: Remember the old saying “look both ways before crossing the road,” that you learned in elementary school? Follow it. It may save your life. Although a crosswalk sign may indicate that you are okay to cross, this does not mean that every driver nearby is following the laws.

-Never walk in the middle of traffic: Only walk when you are sure you will be able to cross the road completely in the shortest route possible. If a pedestrian is in the middle of the road and a driver decides to change lanes without seeing the pedestrian, he or she may be in trouble.

-Watch for unsafe driving: If you notice a car speeding by or a car swerving through traffic, chances are this individual may want to “beat the traffic light.” He or she may not concern himself or herself with drivers on the road.

-Keep your distance from the road: Stay on the sidewalk until the road is clear. Many accidents have involved vehicles turning over into the side street, injuring pedestrians.

Tips for Drivers
-Look out for children: Children may decide to cross the street at any time, whether it is to chase a toy, a pet, or simply for the sake of curiosity

-Obey road signs: The laws of the road are built to protect yourself, other drivers, and pedestrians that may be crossing up ahead.

-Never pass a bus or other stopped vehicle on the road: People or children may decide to cross the road at this time and may only become visible once it is too late.

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